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https://www.afc.org.tw/en/custom_81241.html Industry Standard Industry Standard FTTS-FA-001 一般用途抗菌加工紡織品驗證規範(94.03.03) FTTS-FA-002 醫療用途抗菌加工紡織品驗證規範(94.03.03) FTTS-FA-006 防黴性紡織品驗證規範(97.04.01) FTTS-FA-021 防蹣紡織品試驗方法(100.12.29) FTTS-FA-027 抗菌紡織品驗證規範(105.12.15) FTTS-FP-101 拋棄式防塵口罩驗證規範(94.04.27)  FTTS-FP-102 附加活性碳拋棄式防塵口罩驗證規範(94.04.27)  FTTS-FP-103 拋棄式連身型醫用防護衣驗證規範(94.04.27)  FTTS-FP-104 空調用空氣過濾網過濾效率驗證規範(94.08.30)  FTTS-FP-109 手術衣防護性能驗證規範(94.12.25)  FTTS-FP-110 液壓油濾心、濾筒及過濾器組 - 多重穿透測試法(95.08.30)  FTTS-FP-120 外科用覆蓋巾驗證規範(96.12.14)  FTTS-FP-152 醫用面罩材料初始效能量測方法-聚乳膠微粒穿透性能(102.12.24) FTTS-FP-157 防霾(PM2.5)口罩驗證規範(105.09.21) FTTS-FP-163 濾材過濾性能試驗方法(104.12.25) FTTS-FP-164 傷口敷料試驗方法(104.12.25) FTTS-FP-176 一般空調濾網要求—第一部分微粒過濾效率的技術規範、需求和分類系統(106.12.21) FTTS-FP-182 一般空調濾網-第二部分 過濾效率及阻抗測試(107.12.26) FTTS-FP-184 紡織品抗病毒性能驗證規範(107.12.26) FTTS-FP-187 一般空氣過濾網-第三部分-重量捕集率和壓損與容塵量的關係 FTTS-FP-198 一般空氣過濾網-第四部分:量測最低粒徑效率的去靜電狀態調節法 (109.12.23) FTTS-FP-199 拋棄式醫用隔離衣驗證規範 (110.09.17) FTTS-FP-202 一般醫用彩色口罩驗證規範 (110.12.28)
https://www.afc.org.tw/en/custom_81242.html Report sample Report sample 1 ISO 16890 Air filters for general ventilation Download 2 EN 779 Particulate air filters for general ventilation. Determination of the filtration performance Download 3 ASHRAE 52.2 Method of Testing General Ventilation Air-Cleaning Devices for Removal Efficiency by Particle Size Download 4 EN 1822 High efficiency air filters (EPA, HEPA and ULPA) Download 5 ISO 11155-1 ROAD VEHICLES — AIR FILTERS FOR PASSENGER COMPARTMENTS — PART 1: TEST FOR PARTICULATE FILTRATION Download 6 ISO 5011 INLET AIR CLEANING EQUIPMENT FOR INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINES AND COMPRESSORS — PERFORMANCE TESTING Download 7 ISO 16889 HYDRAULIC FLUID POWER — FILTERS — MULTI-PASS METHOD FOR EVALUATING FILTRATION PERFORMANCE OF A FILTER ELEMENT Download 8 ISO 4548-12 METHODS OF TEST FOR FULL-FLOW LUBRICATING OIL FILTERS FOR INTERNAL COMBUSTION ENGINES — PART 12: FILTRATION EFFICIENCY USING PARTICLE COUNTING AND CONTAMINANT RETENTION CAPACITY Download 9 Breach Test Download 10 PM 2.5 Mask  Download
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