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The 13th World Filtration Congress in USA in October 5th to 9th, 20224
Advanced Filtration Center No.6, Chengtian Rd., Tucheng Dist.
FILTECH in Germany is currently the largest professional filtration exhibition in the world, with more than 400 exhibitors and 200 papers from 76 countries. FILTECH delivers solutions for current & future challenges. At FILTECH innovative solutions and new technologies for most ongoing problems are presented. This dynamic industry is of further growing importance and turning into a key industry worldwide. At the FILTECH Show you find targeted solutions for all filtration tasks – no matter what industry you are in.  Welcom to meet us at Hall 7 Stand H18 in "FILTECH 2023" held at KoelnMesse-Hall No. 7 in KoelnMesse, Germany from Feb. 14th to 16th, 2023.  For more details, please see the Filtech official website as below:Filtech 2023 Official website: https://filtech.de   https://www.afc.org.tw/en/hot_434575.html [Exhibitor News] FILTECH in Cologne-Germany Feb. 14-16, 2023 2023-02-14 2024-02-14
Advanced Filtration Center No.6, Chengtian Rd., Tucheng Dist. https://www.afc.org.tw/en/hot_434575.html
Advanced Filtration Center No.6, Chengtian Rd., Tucheng Dist. https://www.afc.org.tw/en/hot_434575.html
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2023-02-14 http://schema.org/InStock TWD 0 https://www.afc.org.tw/en/hot_434575.html
Official website of Advanced Filtration Center is online! Welcome to join us~~~ 先進過濾中心官網上線! 先進過濾中心官網上線! 歡迎加入~~~


The 13th World Filtration Congress (WFC 13) held in San Diego, California, USA will be postponed to October 5th to 9th, 2022 due to the impact of COVID-19 and travel restrictions.

AFS and WFC leadership have made the decision to once again postpone WFC 13 to October 5 - 9, 2022. Short courses will take place on Wednesday, October 5. The congress will open Thursday morning, October 6, and will conclude Sunday, October 9 at 12:00 pm - PST. The expo will open Thursday morning and will close Saturday afternoon.


We will update the exhibition news of WFC13 and look forward to a day we can meet presenters, exhibitors and attendees from all over the world as soon as possible.

We hope you, your family, and colleagues remain safe and healthy.

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